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I have two distinctly different software packages to share with you.?? The first is a truly evil game.? My definition of evil is that you will find yourself wanting to play "just one more hand", plus you have to know how to spell!? What can possibly be more evil than that?? The second is a seriously soothing, relaxing, application that you can use to either help you sleep or, conversely, help energize you in the middle of the day when you really need to stay awake.? You may need the second after playing the first.? To get the most out of the playing experience you want to be sure to get the Super TextTwist version that is available at the developers home page.?

There are some versions of the game available on the Internet that do not have the "Save and Exit" option.? This option is important because it adds the ability to accumulate your score from game to game even when you close the application or restart your computer.? Otherwise, your scores will only accumulate as long as you keep the game open.? This game is for those who speak U. English or perhaps for those who are trying to learn to speak it.?

There is a built-in dictionary dictionary symbol beside each selected word that allows a player to look up the meaning of each word. The concept is simple.? How many words can you make from a set of letters??


You can play a timed or untimed version.? You get points for each completed word.?

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You donit have to guess every word to move on to the next level, but you do have to guess the longest word to do so.? If you correctly guess every word in the puzzle you gain bonus points.? The empty boxes on the left side of each puzzle let you know just how many words can be found and how many letters are in each one.

To play the game you click on the balls to form words and then click on enter.? If you have created a word that is contained in the puzzle it will appear in one of the boxes on the left.?

If your word is not part of the puzzle you will get a very polite message that the word is not accepted.? There is a "twist" button that allows you to scramble the letters so that you can look at different combinations when you get stuck.? One very nice feature is the "Last Word" button.? I'm so glad I purchased this game!!! This game is very good, I liked it. If you like word challenge games, then you'll really like this one. Play timed or untimed, a real plus to have that choice.

You fill words in a bunch of boxes, and you have to figure out the longest word to get to next level. This can be a challenge. If you have full version then you can also play other things like cross words. I purchased Super Text a few years ago. Super Text is my most favorite game to play. Im still as satisfied with it as I was when i purchased it.

I always compare every word game I play to Super Text. None of them have been able to supass. One of the best word games for the money. I played the original one for years but lost it when my computer crashed.

Super TextTwist

This one has better graphics and more options. I love it. I recommend it to all who enjoy word games. I enjoy the game as I did the first version, but it's not necessarily an improvement over the previous one. For example, it limits you to the number of 3-letter words you can use. I think you should be able to enter as many 3-letter words as the letters will make. I don't like that you aren't given enough time to study the words you didn't guess before it goes to the next round.

And it seems like so many of the letters presented make the same words over and over. The previous version had a lot of variety which kept you thinking about letter combinations. With this version, you can fill in a great many of the blanks with the words you used in the previous round before you have to start thinking about new combinations.

The graphics and the word definitions are the only improvements I find, and I only purchased this version after the trial because my first version had stopped working correctly.

TextTwist 2 | vihanuhujy.tk

In all, I prefer the first TextTwist. I love TextTwist2. I have had TextTwist for ages and was so disappointed when I couldn't play it because of upgrading to Lion. Now I can play again and I really enjoy the different games available. This games has a broader range of words which is great, makes me think and learn new words. Thanks for a great game! If you love word games you will LOVE this one! I can't seem to stop obsessive?

Get the full version of Super Text Twist for $2.99!

Lots of different activities and levels keep me engaged and wanting to achieve a higher and higher score. There are puzzling words that make me want to stop and look them up in a dictionary but I can't bear to leave the screen to do so. My only suggestion for improvement would be if it offered a definition on the most unusual words as some word games do. Word game players should try it! It's not all that different from the original, but the new game modes are fun and adds to the play value. If you enjoyed the original then this is worth getting just to have a version that works under Lion.

Word Lovers everywhere--rejoice! We finally found the perfect antidote to Scrabble.

Text Twist 2

This is one of the best word games on the market. I enjoyed the first version tremendously, but in this version, they have worked out all the kinks. It offers unlimited play, accepts those little obsolete Scrabble words, and constantly challenges your word knowledge. You will never grow tired of it. Choose the untimed mode, and you will also find it very relaxing, after a very long day.

It engages you in a way that makes all your troubles seem to disappear. Yep-Word Nerd Heaven. Thank you for writing a review! Note that your review won't be visible right away: our team checks it before we post it publicly. Forum posts about TextTwist 2. Write a post! Discuss with other players! No one's written about TextTwist 2 yet.

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