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Tech News Entertainment. DIY Entertainment. Social Media. Read More. Now, WhatsApp is primarily a phone-based instant messaging service. I would bet it's the latter. For many people, texting is more convenient than calling The messages you get on your phone can then be relayed to your Mac. Setup is super simple too.

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And just like that, your entire WhatsApp chat history, contacts, and other data will be mirrored to your browser. WhatsApp Web cannot do everything the phone client can, but includes several useful features like using your keyboard to type, desktop alerts, sharing photos or audio, and more. Read More , blocking users, and starting a group chat. Since it first released, WhatsApp Web has changed or added several items, like support for iPhones , browsers other than Chrome, changing profile pictures, and more.

Google is now rolling out major changes to the browser that fix memory problems and actively discards unused tabs. This is a standalone Mac app that is basically a web page wrapper for WhatsApp Web. Once you download and install ChitChat, it works exactly like how WhatsApp Web does in any browser, so the setup is the same as the steps above. The difference? You can ditch Chrome and still use this.

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  • It even supports notifications for new messages! The app can also be set to sign in automatically when you start. ChitChat has a few bugs that show up from time to time. These are small bugs and nothing that is a deal-breaker. Direct Download: ChitChat v1. Read More , and an update earlier this year made it even better.

    Search web for installation recipe? Please help. Hi, I have completed the installation process. On my scree their is some games app. Can you show the screenshot of what you have? Hello dear Avinash…. It means that it is asking about grpahic card. If you dont have Graphic card, it wont work for you. No, you have to manually enter your each and every friend contact no who are using whatsapp on your bluestacks.

    Hey avinash im not able to share photos or videos from pc whatsapp.. Just drag the picture on the local disk to whatsapp message. Then all pics will be saved which u dragged and now you go to profile picture and select the required one of saved pictures collection. Dont drag pics on whatsapp shortcut. Then pics will be saved and now go to profile picture and you can choose the required one form all saved pictures category.

    Iven though if he stole ur confirmation code for 1 time, the next time when he logins into ur accnt, whatsapp account will get temporarily locked coz no 2 devices can use a same no and whatsapp will again send a new confrmt code to unlock tht account. Its not possible. You said that " he is telling me the status of people who are in my contact… " , but who knows that whether he got the contact no from somewhere else and checking their status?

    Its possible to see status of any person if we have their mobile no with us. No, we cannot use the same no on both pc and mobile at a same time. If you use a no on pc whatsapp, then it wont work on mobile whatsapp. Online only. This is the same thing how mobile whatsapp works. Everything will be same as mobile! Thank You! Would like to ask I was trying to download Blue Stacks it kept saying download and never complete. Would you be able to provide pointers? I am downloading to my laptop! Sir ,I have complete installeted bluestacks after that whatsapp installeted.

    That the problem show in first page invite friends and select tell a friend icon. Plz help me sir.

    How to Use WhatsApp on PC Using BlueStacks

    I guess " Inviting new frnds " wont work on pc version. There were some youtube videos about how to download bluestack without updating graphic card, so please check that on youtube. Hope it will help you! Just like the android mobile only. On top-left, therz a dropdown menu, so drag that button to the down by your mouse and you will all other running activities,downloads etc on ur bluestack. Hi Avinash, I have downloaded app on my laptop however not able to use any app also not able to play games also not able to download Whatsapp. Error message"Market not Found.

    Search Web for installation Recipe? Hi can I start chat with a contact I added to my whats app PC, since this contact have whats app on a smart phone?? On bluestacks , U must go to whatsapp site and download it.

    How to Add Contacts To Whatsapp in Bluestacks

    Just the same way as we do for mobile whatsapp. Just check all the Options inside ur Pc whatsapp. This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installer package. Thanks Avinash ,its working fine.

    How to Use WhatsApp on PC using BlueStacks?

    Can you tel me how can wee add frnds in whatsapp, i have tried by entering contact no. Open Contacts and manually enter your friend contact nos who are using whatsapp. I wrote that part in above post — open Contacts and manually enter your friend contact nos who are using whatsapp :.

    Ya, but there is some other extra task to be done for Viber and soon I will post that Trick too :. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Mobile Phone Using Whatsapp on mobile phone [normal method].

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    • Also, you must need internet connection in your phone in order to use the WhatsappWeb feature, bcoz here you need to scan a code from your cell to open WhatsappWeb account! Bluestacks is a software which allows us to run Android apps on Computer! In this post, I've explained you about this method, so check below! You can restore the contacts, chats, media by using the Backup Option which will ask to restore Backup when you verify the mobile number on PC after Whastapp installation in Bluestacks!

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      Arun says:. Vikash Anand says:. Pooja says:. Neha Patre says:. Shumaila Ali says:. Ramchandra reddy says:. Bilal Ch says:. Mayank says:. Shridhar Jambhale says:. Aniruddha Ravichandran says:. Son says:. Sumit says:. AVL says:. Alicia says:. Anisah says:. Naveed Afzal Rao says:. Anonymous says:. Rahul Gupta says:. Ashok Vase says:. Avinash says:. Ashish Bansal says:. Shilpa says:. Harshil Barot says:. Danish Warsi says:. There is some file manager application that makes you two to do so. Its ridiculous to install a app to adding contacts, we have simple and easier way.

      Need to Import Excel Contacts into Whatsapp Application

      You can import the contact from the Vcard File into the Bluestacks Itself with the default option in it. Note : Only this location available if you copied Bluestacks app to your Application Folder.

      The Simplest Choice: WhatsApp Web

      If you like this post, Share it to your friends. I'm Suresh Thangarasu. Then Log in to your Gmail account. I have sony ericsson elm phone. Such lengthy procedures are not required. Next go to Bluestacks, and navigate to Import contacts. Here choose d source as SD card. Choose whether you wish to add single or multiple contacts. Click Done. Thats it….. If you not sure, Check the comments section for alternate methods of adding contacts into Bluestack. No effect or so ever. But none of these option buttons work. There it all ends. So no SD option etc. No Import at all. What is the problem with BlueStacks Version 0.