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Before you do that, examine the Mac's log files to see what it saw. Then, have a go at the following procedure. Now, as to why the problem occurred, well that might require digging into the logs of the AD server itself. I can tell you that we experience occasional Windows boxes being kicked off the domain and the only solution we've found is to do the Windows equivalent of the procedure outlined above.

Are all your domain servers in proper sync with each other? Are there any time lags or network complications between them? It's been a while since I've looked at the server stuff - and then only as a reading exercise - but I seem to recall that proper replication among the servers is key. Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Your issues matter to us. Something else that could also be have happened, with patch-Tuesday a buggy apdate could have been installed on the servers. So check your patches.

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Learn More! Roccat Author Commented: I am getting an event viewer message "The attempt to establish a replication link for the following writable directory partition failed. All the PC's seem to be doing fine at this time. Roccat wrote: I am getting an event viewer message "The attempt to establish a replication link for the following writable directory partition failed. Was one of the affected domain controllers the one used by the Macs or are they all load balanced, making such granularity impossible to detect?

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They are load balanced. Have a look at the logs anyway. They might indicate which server was used for authentication. If it was one of the ones affected by that error message, then perhaps you have found your problem. Then, try the remove - add cycle on a machine and have a look at the AD logs. Again, look at the logs. It could be that Mac joins are more susceptible to such fluctuations.

Integrating Mac operating system with Active Directory

We can only rebind the macs if they are connecting to a certain domain controller. Looking through the event viewer to learn more about the issue. Also, check the Date and Time if there is too much clock skew, you can't join the domain. Yeah I am paying close attention to the time. Spot on. One of the DC's was not replicating with the others. After a restart it came back. It's more than this solution. Get answers and train to solve all your tech problems - anytime, anywhere. Try it for free Edge Out The Competition for your dream job with proven skills and certifications.

Get started today Stand Out as the employee with proven skills. Start learning today for free Move Your Career Forward with certification training in the latest technologies. Start your trial today. Active Directory From novice to tech pro — start learning today. And have any of you besides john opened an applecare case on it? If there is an issue with logging in, it's almost always on the AD account side: password, acct expiring, migration not done completely, etc. It's seems an issue with Incidentally I thought the I'm really curious if the others having problems are on.

I'm afraid I'm not seeing an issue with I have a random issue here and there, but nothing ever in mass. Haven't for as far back as I can remember using the native AD plugin, which is a long time it seems. My beard is going white No issues with Let me also confirm that I've seen this sort of message when manually adding machines to our Active Directory domain. The message I see is Unable to add server.

Authentication server encountered an error while attempting the requested operation. I've brought it up with our server team but they don't know what causes it. John, we came across a simular issue at the beginning of our AD implementation. We have a different setup then it should be in AD. We where unable to bind OS X Windows clients in the same network segment where able to connect without any Problems. We ended up using Centrify Express to bind our machines to AD. We just set up a new lab yesterday using the Casper AD and have the same problem with no task bar and finder hanging.

Computers are Would like to know how to resolve this. I've had no problems with AD and Nothing has changed for us since As I say above, I tested this for a few weeks in an AD env,. I wanted to see the Apple native AD plugin work, but it did not. I can reproduce the bug every time. Apple called us back a few times, but of very little help.

Apple finally admitted to us that they could reproduce the bug, yet the latest Actually I tried to do the binding long back and had a call with apple support but they were of little help, they just told me that Mac's cannot be configured on AD for. The Domain was configured on "company. When I clicked "Join" the popup asked for the address of server previously i tried to configure and bind the mac using "Directory Utility" and was just supplying "domain. Here instead of giving "company.

Boom everything was automatically configured. I am facing problem while trying to sync to the network home. It says "The Sync could not complete because your network home at " null " does not allow writing. As we still have a test AD environment i created a new. Giving the full server name worked. But it should be a workaround.

I highly recommend to use a different suffix like. With this settings we don't run into any issues. Were you able to sync your home directory after you login using Domain user.

iMac issues with domain.

I am still not able to get it working. Functional AD level is , have both a and a AD server, not a. Wildly inconsistent as I've bound half a dozen laptops over the last three weeks with no backend changes. I used to work for Grey London. Reach out there to a guy called James Burnett He may be able to advise. Crazy enough but after shutting the new iMac down and reconnecting, but this time on a bT instead of gigabit Ethernet connection, it bound fine.

I ended up using centrify for my initial deploy. However, after further testing, I did discover a way to make the Freezing Finder issue go away. This seems to show OSX where to put the home folder. It has worked on several accounts that I have tried it on.

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  • How do I join a Microsoft Active Directory Domain in OS X? [Resolved] - Questions & Answers.
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  • We are using a. Seem to have this happen randomly, but we're on a mix of When binding to AD we tick the following boxes in Directory Utility:. I had the same problem as well and found a solution. Between I'm having this exact same problem johnklimeck described at the beginning with a brand new iMac running I've tried all of the suggestions listed in this thread with no success.

    My older iMacs running Snow Leopard that have been on the domain for 3 years are working fine. No account name conflicts between the local system and AD. Right now the system is being used to develop a template for an 18 station lab so all the work is being done by hand. I can log in as most AD accounts. The account that I need to use is not logging in all the way. Question marks on the dock bouncing Finder on the dock. This allowed me to get the user logged in but, the mobile account creation would fail. Remember this will require a password and will not return any visual output when the keys are pressed.

    This will be grayed out with users who are not set up with a network home directory.

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    If the lock icon is locked, unlock it by clicking it and entering the name and password of an administrator. If both options are selected, each user decides whether to create a mobile account during login. When a user logs in to Mac OS X using an Active Directory user account, or when logging in as a network user, the user sees a dialog with controls for creating a mobile account immediately. If the first option is selected and the second option is unselected, mobile accounts are created when users log in. Jamf Nation, hosted by Jamf, is a knowledgeable community of Apple-focused admins and Jamf users.

    Learn more about JNUC. Anyone using OS Is anyone having success with this, or is most everyone still using OS This does not happen in Thx, John K. Like Comment. Order by: Most Likes Oldest Newest. Appreciate it guys, throwing us for a loop.

    Hi All, we currently are using Casper 8. We have used Casper bind to the Mac's and have had a couple of issues with this; 1 sometimes admin accounts login with managed mobile profiles instead of admin rights.