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Just pick a pair of scissors and trim them to whatever length you want. With proper care, you can keep these falsies in use for up to 15 times. Pick them up now at Nordstrom! With a great collection of false eyelashes for your enjoyment, Sephora has some of the best strip lashes for you. The real and fluffy textures of the falsies allow you to get the natural effect, which is still awesome and full in length.

They are also comfortable and are made of high-quality fiber for easy application. To help you create a dynamic yet awe-striking look, the collection features six styles at Sephora. Have you ever seen fake eyelashes that have beautiful angles at their corners? Well, look no further, as this is one of those types of false lashes. They create extra drama for your eyes with lashes that are made to exact specifications. No matter if you want a natural or dramatic look, these false eyelashes by MAC Cosmetics are ready to turn your eyes into a pinnacle of beauty.

Get them from Nordstrom! Vegan false eyelashes still dazzle and they are perfect for your eyes.

Available in nine styles, these ones add flawlessness and such fullness to your lashes that it is almost irresistible to stare at them. They are made of soft cotton so your eyes are not burdened by their use and have been tested by both ophthalmologists and dermatologists. When you want the best false eyelashes that blend smoothly with your own lashes, choose these options from Sephora! This collection comes with an ultra-natural look that needs little or no adjustment before you can put them on. These false eyelashes have an invisible band and do not need eyeliner for them to look great.

You could quickly achieve that all-natural look choosing any of the five styles available at Sephora. Proper care and treatment ensure you use them up to 20 times before they get worn out. Made from natural hair, you get easy-to-apply false eyelashes with all the perks of natural lashes. They add realistic length and push out the volume for a better look. With these strip lashes, there is no need to stress too much as they also have clear bands that disappear as soon as you apply them. Pick a pair for you now from Nordstrom!

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With absolutely fantastic reviews, there is no doubt these false eyelashes give a bombshell effect when applied to the eyes. They are handcrafted from cruelty-free silk for lightweight and fuller lashes that also look natural. They are safe for people using contact lenses and can be used up to 30 times. This collection has a range of fake eyelashes that can adorn your eyes with synthetic and cruelty-free designs.

You can use the lashes several times and get that chic, elegant look without stress. Pick up your favorite style from Sephora! There is no better way of taking your eyelashes to the next level than using these strip lashes. They have a sexy look that you can whip up in seconds. And for natural styles and eye-opening effects, these are the best false eyelashes for you. They are made with cruelty-free synthetic hair, and you can find one for every event or situation at Nordstrom.

With six varying styles depending on the length and thickness of lashes you desire, the Black Up collection is a fancy work of art.

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It contains a pair of fake eyelashes which you can reuse 20 or more times and lash glue. These items are formulated with safe chemicals — phthalates, sulfates, and parabens have been carefully neglected to deliver a pseudo-natural look. They are all available for sale at Sephora.

36 Lash - MAC | MECCA

Some brands stand out when it comes to the creation of the best false eyelashes, one of them being Kevyn Aucoin. The brand delivers gorgeous eyelashes with bands that make them easy to wear. They also work well with any makeup style. Bold and eye-catching appearance is easily obtainable when you use any of the lashes in this collection available online at Dermstore. Fake eyelashes, as we know them, have not always been easy to wear. In fact, you can say they had quite a long history, with many women struggling to be acclaimed as being chaste for having long eyelashes. Well, it all started in ancient Rome when philosopher Pliny the Elder claimed that eyelashes were a symbol of purity, and they fell out with excessive sex.

The majority of women in that period started using needles to sow in human hair, while the less brave ones used glue. Of course, just as any smart person would predict, they all fell out after a while. Anna Taylor, an innovative female Canadian, was the first to get a patent on it. Meanwhile, its inventive source of fame can be linked to actress Seena Owen who used faux lashes in the film Intolerance directed by D.

Even though there were advert effects on her eyes, false eyelashes had already created an impression in the mind of the public. With 20th-century technology emerging in the fashion industry, false eyelashes came on and off for quite a while before they finally burst into the fashion world with a bold statement from a young model named Twiggy.

The popularity and acceptance level grew thanks to the new false lashes that were being made out of durable and thin plastic materials already in the s instead of human hair. From then on, celebrities such as Madonna and models such as Penelope Tress and Jean Shrimpton have been seen via various media rocking this excellent fashion piece with sophisticated style.

Fake eyelashes are now widely accepted. In fact, you can hardly find celebrities on the red carpet or models on the cover page of magazines without fancy false eyelashes. Variety makes them more endearing and new innovations seem to be on their way. There are various types of fake eyelashes on the market, and it can be difficult to distinguish them.

The Ultimate Guide To False Eyelashes

In this section, we have compiled the various types of false eyelashes that can meet your need no matter who you are. Strip lashes are quite popular because they are the most comfortable lash extensions to apply. You simply cannot get the same results by using mascara, so sometimes, false lashes are a must. They are the standard in Hollywood and now, women everywhere are jumping onboard. Once you have purchased fake lashes, you may need to cut them to fit your eyes perfectly. You should also have a good pair of fishtail tweezers to help you correctly apply the lashes. It can take some time to learn the proper techniques of achieving perfect, natural-looking application, but there are countless free videos online to help you master the art of application and achieve a look that lasts all day or night.

They are long and can create a noticeable difference in your eyes, but they also give a natural look, so most people won't even realize you're wearing fake lashes. These lashes are particularly ideal for people who aren't used to wearing falsies because they are easy to apply and remove. This value pack of four sets of lashes offers a great deal, but it does not include glue, so you will need to purchase that separately.

The MAC Eyelashes Full Review [12222 Update]

Ardell lashes are an Amazon bestseller, as well as a national bestseller, because Ardell just gets lashes and lash glue right. The reusable MAC Fake Lash 2 is one of the bestselling MAC lashes because it adds dramatic length, a wispy fringe, and a noticeable change to the eyes, while still appearing natural. They are more expensive than your average falsies, but makeup artists and celebrities continually choose them because they argue that no other lashes can compare to the results and application of MAC lashes.

The lashes do not include glue, so you will need to purchase that separately.

M·A·C Cosmetics

From the national bestselling Ardell brand, you can count on these lashes to look natural and dramatic at the same time. They are lightweight, comfortable, and will feel natural all day. They are also knot-free and easy to apply, so they are great for beginners. Applying individual lashes allows you to customize the look to include as many or as few lashes as you like. They can help fill in spotty areas or they can be used to make the eyes look more glamorous. The high quality lashes come in 10 styles, so you can play with more natural or more dramatic looks.

They have plenty of variety on their online shop, with lighter weight variations of many of their most popular false eyelash types. House of Lashes surprisingly offers quite a few on-the-down-low lash looks so it would make sense why their style Au Naturale could secure a spot on our best natural looking fake lashes list. Look out for this brand both online and at some Sephora stores with their House of Lashes x Sephora collaborations.

With its beginnings back in s Britain, Eylure was founded by two talented brothers working as makeup artists in the film industry who felt there was a serious lack of high-quality materials to work with. The siblings decided to create their own products, and Eylure came into fruition. Flash forward to the 21st century and Eylure is available in numerous drug stores and beauty shops all across the globe.

The company has certainly made its impact, and we must say that the Naturals No. Releasing their Looks So Natural collection not long ago, this set of falsies boasts some of the most natural looking false lashes out there. We chose the Poise as our list contender because it is a bit on the more dramatic side when compared with their other options such as the lash Shy, for those who really want to be a bit bolder and amp up their down-to-earth appearance just a tad extra.

One of the best natural looking fake eyelashes around actually comes from MAC. The 30 Lash is a set of durable individual lash hairs, which are some of the best fake individual eyelashes and fully customizable and buildable depending on your prefered intensity and effect.

We understand that it can be quite a difficult journey at times navigating through the selections of false eyelashes available. For this reason, we hope this best fake eyelashes list can serve as a helpful resource. Your email address will not be published. Please enable JavaScript to submit this form. Skip to content.