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Simply put, this means the game was created and coded to work on OS X, out of the box. No tweaking required. You just need to:. To give you an example, Blizzard will work on both a Windows and a MacOS version of their games from the get-go. This is why they always release both versions of their games at the same time.

In most cases though, games are ported to Mac later on. They are usually released on the PC first and then the game is translated to work on Mac. The main two Mac porting companies are Feral Interactive and Aspyr. Every year, more and more games make it to macOS. But even if more and more games are released on Mac, some high-profile PC-games just will never make. What if you want to play Crysis 3 or Dishonored? Do not worry, all is not lost. There are many, many methods to play pretty much every PC-game available today. Boot Camp is a free utility that allows you to install and run the Windows Operating system.

The bottom line, BootCamp will give you the best performance possible, which is why it is the top alternative to play high-performance games. BootCamp is very straightforward. You just need to open the BootCamp application in your Utilities folder and follow the assistant:.

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You have two main virtualization solutions in the market: Parallels and VMware Fusion. As most tests and benchmarks found Parallels to offer better performance for games, we will focus on Parallels only. With Virtualization, you can run two operating systems at the same time. Overall, you have most of the benefits of Boot Camp but without the need to restart your machine. Is it a perfect solution? No, it also has some drawbacks, including a performance decrease your Mac needs to run two operating systems at the same time!

For those who still want to play PC games but do not want to have to deal with Windows and pay for it! In this guide, we will focus on Wine. Wine actually runs as more of a translator between the instructions in the PC program and the Mac operating system. It basically fools Windows into thinking they are running in a Windows environment, without actually emulating that environment and taking the same performance hit like Parallels does. Wine has the benefit of a large, open-source community for support as well, which means it will continue to get better and improve compatibility for a lot of games along the way.

Hopefully, after these almost words, you are a believer. There are many ways to play games on your Mac. When you know this, your Mac truly becomes a more than capable gaming machine. You have to read on, investigate and decide what is the best solution for you.

Does it bother you a lot to have to reboot? Are you willing to pay for Windows licenses or third-party software? For me, BootCamp with Parallels work wonders. I only use BootCamp when I know I will play a high-performance game for a couple of hours. The rest of the time I use Parallels which I configured to use the same partition as BootCamp to install games, tweak them or play light games without having to leave my precious OS X. You still have to use the slower more ancient OpenGL, but at least you can use a monster graphics card. The biggest advantage of a Hackintosh for gaming over most Macs is that you can easily upgrade it and put monster Graphics cards indeed.

The main advantage over a Mac Pro is the price…. And you can upgrade more easily. Perhaps retina displays will nudge Apple into improving their graphics engine and cause them to implement better graphics cards. Heart of the Swarm is so awesome! Blizzard really stepped it up this time. I only wish the campaign was a little longer.

Easy Ways to Play Windows Games on Mac Steam - wikiHow

Hi Pavel, the price comes from the website actually at buy. Bootcamp all the way for me. Everything else is just to long and complicated. Thanks for the comment!

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Always a pleasure! Well, you can find the Windows license pretty much everywhere.

What’s new in update 1.2

But it can also serve you with Bootcamp. What Mac laptop do you suggest to surf, do school work, and play games? Hey Tim, a MacBook Pro is a pretty good choice, they are great all-around machines. I already have parallels, and it came with windows 8, however quality does suffer. In your case, use your Windows copy and install it with BootCamp.

That should give you the best performance. If restarting your Mac each time annoys you, than you can buy Parallels and during setup, chose that same BootCamp partition. Try to optimize the software before buying more RAM.

How to Play Windows Games on Mac (& Use Other Programs) WineBottler Tutorial

In any case, Parallels will hurt your performance…. I used the free Windows 8 file that now comes with Parallels 8. However, having successfully played a good few games on my boot-camped version of windows to date, I have recently come across a problem with BioShock Infinite. I was going great guns on this game until I got to the loading screen of one specific level Plaza of Zeal and it simply hangs.

No music, no movement, no cursor — just plane stuck. I trawled the internet for solutions, and tried a good few, but I could only find those that related to people that have altered there.

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I also updated my graphics card, validated the game files through steam and a few other bits and bobs — all to no avail. As a last ditch attempt to get the game going again and relinquish the sense of guilt I now have over buying the game in the first place! So — long story short time — can you offer any advice for troubleshooting this issue? Surely there is something I can do to revive my game and get it past this seemingly troublesome level? Considering I have been playing this game issue free for a good many hours so far, I refuse to believe it is solely related to the fact I am running it on a Mac!

In my opinion you have 2 solutions and I would do them on this order: 1. Find the most detailed guide possible on how to modify those. Contact 2K again and not say you are running it on a Mac.

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Probably they think you mean Mac OS X. But you are using Windows and Macs using Windows through Bootcamp natively, the same way a Dell would. Why bother trying to explain the whole thing when you are running the game natively just as everyone else!

Thanks for the advice Mac Gamer Ric — I will take a look at the ini files again then to see if there is anything that can be fixed that way. Sadly they asked me to send in my dxdiag and config32 files and I think they got it from there. They just saw it was a Mac and replied accordingly. Really frustrated with that approach. So now my options are to either give it up as a lost cause and wave goodbye to my dosh or, wait for it to come out on Mac in a few days and start all over again — neither are appealing to me to be honest!

Damn, they put you on a though spot there. You should really try the. Last thing would be to start all over again on Mac. I like to get a Mac for school. However, I like to use the Mac as a gaming laptop. But in the previous comment it looks like it will be frustrating to play PC games in bootcamp? The ideal would be to play mostly native games on the Mac, with no Bootcamp needed….

In all honesty, once Bootcamp is set up, it is as straightforward as simply restarting a computer. Dan is having a lot of problems because his BioShock Infinite is messing around…. At the end a Mac is a PC, it uses the same components as a Dell or whatever and it can run Windows nately, so yes it is really the same. The only thing is that the drivers come from Apple and can sometimes be slightly old. In this guide, we'll show you a free option—VirtualBox—and a paid option, known as Parallels. Parallels can even dual boot and virtualize the same Windows installation, so you get the best of both worlds.

Note that you'll also need a Windows license for both options, which may cost money if you don't already have one lying around. You'll enter your key during installation, or shortly after, to activate Windows. If you don't have a Windows disc handy, you can freely download the latest version using Microsoft's Media Creation Tool right now. Just follow the on-screen instructions, choosing to download an ISO when asked, and save it somewhere safe before proceeding through the following steps.

Apple's simple Boot Camp wizard will walk you through the entire process of dual booting your system. I highly recommend backing your system up now, to ensure you don't lose any important data when partitioning the drives. Boot Camp's setup should be pretty self-explanatory, and the default options should work for most people. You will, however, have to decide how to split up your hard drive.

Windows requires at least 32GB of hard drive space , but you'll definitely want to give it more to allow room for programs, documents, and any future Windows updates it'll download. I'm giving mine 60GB of space, which is tight but usable. Once it's finished partitioning your drive, the Boot Camp Assistant will reboot your Mac and enter Windows setup.

From there, you can go through the wizard just as you would on any other PC. Be extra careful not to format your Mac partition, which is likely the unnamed "Drive 0 Partition 2. Your PC may reboot a few times during the installation process, but once you're in Windows, it will prompt you to install drivers for your Mac. This ensures your Wi-Fi, trackpad, webcam, and other hardware work properly, so don't skip this step. Once that's done, you can start using Windows normally. You can reboot back into macOS by restarting your computer and holding Option when you hear the startup chime—this will give you a menu with operating systems from which to boot.

Otherwise, your computer will boot into Windows every time, which is probably not what you want. If you want to try virtualization, VirtualBox is a great free option. It isn't quite as easy and polished as Parallels, and misses out on a few really useful features, but it's completely free and will do the job just fine Download VirtualBox and install it like you would any other Mac application.

Then launch it and click the blue "New" button in the toolbar to create a new virtual machine. Give it a name like "Windows 10" and choose your operating system from the list—like Windows 10 bit. If you aren't sure whether you're using or bit Windows, read this —but there's a good chance you're using bit.

Next, you'll need to allocate resources to your virtual machine—like RAM and hard drive space. More is better, but remember, the more you give Windows, the less you'll have for macOS when you're running both in tandem, so try to strike a balance. As long as you stay within the green bar for RAM and choose a Dynamically Allocated disk, you should have enough leeway. Once installed, select the virtual machine in the sidebar and click the "Settings" button in the toolbar. But in order to install Windows, you'll need to go to the Storage tab and load the ISO you downloaded earlier.

Click OK when done.


Now click the big green Start button in the toolbar, and you're off to the races. VirtualBox will launch the Windows installer, and you can set it up just as if it were on a new PC. Your virtual hard disk will be empty, so you'll have to choose "Custom Install" when prompted, and select your hard drive and click "New" to format it. This will give you shared folders, better video support, and other handy integrations.

You'll even be able to run applications in their own window on your Mac desktop using Seamless Mode, accessible from VirtualBox's "View" menu.