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And so on, and so on, and so on I wouldn't put up with that. I'm in the Dallas area and the copy I purchased ripped flawlessly in iTunes.

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I'd be interested to learn which areas have the copy-protection. Of course, if a significant number of people don't buy CDs with copy protection, the music industry will just blame the drop in sales on music piracy, and lobby even harder for stronger laws against fair use.

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This is why returning them is a good idea - the music store knows they've actually lost a sale because of the protection. This, in effect, puts the retail side of the industry firmly on the side of the consumer. Divide and conquer. Personally, I'd like to see the industry admit that they shot themselves in the foot. Personally, that sounds like demand is increasing, or at the very worst, remaining steady. I put it in and ripped it in my mac G4 with DVD player with no problem. Today, however, I put the disk in and had the copy protection problem, removed it and put it in again and it worked fine.

Whatever copy protection there is obviously doesn't work too well. Perhaps try it a few more times before giving up. What an annoyance, though, and I certainly agree with those who are returning the disk. Please post your config if you have a comment regarding if this works or not! There have been many reports of these discs not working with portable and in-car players.

I just copied the aifs and ripped it from them, no problems. No, it did not have the CD logo anywhere either.

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  5. Any guess how long it will be before sale of discmans pick up again? I'm using Audacity but it records nothing when I connect an audio cable from my stereo to the mic input. If I set the recording device to the internal microphone Audacity goes mad and had to be killed : - Michel - Michel. Avex Japan is pulling this same crap.

    The one Avex uses is the Midbar tech cactus shield. The extra track with the copy control dreck showed on my desktop but it didn't harm anything. If the record companies want to try to use this copy control cd tech, I say let them if they think it will actually do anything. What worries me more is the purchasing of our legislators. Microsoft is also gung-ho on this stuff because they want to be a distribution channel, and need a secure means to do it. The phrase "CD" means Compact Disc and is a standard. When a manufacturer distributes a disc that does not conform to these standards, that disc cannot be called a "CD" to mean Compact Disc.

    In other words, you are perfectly within your rights to return the disc to the shop and demand your money back, since the shop sold you something they said was a CD and actually isn't. I read this in a news article somewhere. Now for my rant I use a Mac and I buy CDs. I am allowed by law to make one copy of anything I buy in case the original gets destroyed.

    It's called the Fair Use policy. I have every right to copy my CD. Since I can't realistically listen to two copies simultaneously, they are infringing my rights to Fair Use. And Massive Attack should be hit hard for allowing their record company to do this.

    I can't believe that noone has mentioned the worst thing about copy protected CD's: The fact that the quality of sound is greatly reduced.

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    No use buying a CD if it doesn't have perfect sound quality. Only reason for most people not to break the law and copy MP3's is that a CD has much better sound after all. The record industry is facing it's greatest threat yet, and I sincerily hope that it will fall and crumble to dust. Has anyone run into copy protection that causes the mp3 files to "skip" or give other errors?

    I've got a couple new CD's that sound ok in a CD player but will not rip without flaws. I'd love to find a way around this since I load all my music on my iPod and the CD's pretty much collect dust on my shelf now. I think this might be what is causing the mistakes in your mp3's - the CD drive is reading the 'CD' so fast that it cant fix the errors and they result in errors in the mp3.

    Im no expert - and could be wildly wrong on this, but this is the rumour I have heard. I have also heard of the way around this kind of protection i think it was on the last Micheal Jackson album. Connect the digital output or even analogue if you are happy to lose a bit of quality to a CD-recorder hifi or to a computer with a digital input. Your hifi CD player fixes the errors, and provides your recorder with perfect digital sound Powerbook , It also doesn't have the warning about only playing on PCs that someone mentioned.

    How to play DVDs and CDs on a Mac that doesn’t have a built-in optical drive

    It does however have the extra session at the edge of the disc. Ripped no probs, thankfully.

    I agree with the sentiment here. I own over CDs, and they are all ripped to my home server to allow me to access them from playlists any way I like. You can search the Internet or go to an electronics store to buy the software needed. Install the protected CD burning software by inserting the disc or downloading from the Internet and following the installation instructions.

    Start the program you installed and follow any set-up instructions such as selecting where to write copied files. Make sure you choose somewhere you will remember and be able to find so you have access to your newly copied files. You may want to make a folder where all copies will be held together. Upon installation, most programs create a default folder in which to save copies. Most copy programs are straightforward and require you simply to select a copy destination if not done already. To my big surprise, there was no easy, idiot proof, very obvious way mac-ish drag and drop way how to acomplish it.

    It was not exactly hard either, but it actually took consulting the omniviscent Google to find it out. Here is what you have to do:. This file is a disk image of your CD.

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    Btw, it works even if you do not select cdr format and write disk as generic Disk Image. You can repeat step 2 as many time you need, of course Next time I am going to use the image, of course assumed that it will be still the same music. Just kidding What do you think — why did not Apple make this process easier — as they did for many other chores? Has it maybe anything to do with the fact that copying CD can be and quite often is used for copyright violation activities?